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Wednesday, March 12, 2008

IDITAROD 2008 - 03/12/08, 5:20PM ADST

As we await Aliy's arrival in Nome, we are also awaiting Allen's premature arrival. He is in route via air as I write this. The flu he has been battling has caused him to withdraw from the race. After seeing medical personnel in Shaktoolik, he was ordered to withdraw and travel to Nome. Although it is a shame he can't finish the race, we are happy to know that he will not be on the trail with a fever. I believe his immune system was not fully recovered from his bout with bronchitis during the Yukon Quest 300. The dogs will be taken care of by Iditarod volunteers and will be shipped to Nome as soon as possible.

Bridgett was out with Aliy in White Mountain this morning. She reported that Aliy looked great and was ready to go after Jim Lanier. He was over an hour ahead of her, BUT go girl!!

We expect Aliy to reach Nome between 10 and 11pm.


Anonymous said...

What a great performance you and you dogs have shown. My family has been tracking you thru-out the entire race thanks to the new GPS system they started this year and it was great. Sorry to hear about Allens problems. It takes a great deal of dedication and training all year long to even attempt a race of this caliber and you did it very well, and with style as usual. Very few people in this short life ever get a chance or even try and persue their dreams as you have. What a race..thank you very much.

Don Zirkle

Anonymous said...

Way to go Aliy and Allen! We all wish Allen could have finished but thats the way it goes. Just hurry up and get over that crap!!!
Good luck up North maybe I will run into you up there in a few weeks.
Mark Nelson